Souls Harbor Baptist Church was founded by Pastor Paul D. Hoover in 1986 in the Suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Six months later, God lead the church into the inner-city where it remained for 21 years. It was during this time that God laid upon Pastor Hoover’s heart to see other inner-city churches started across America. In 1996 Inner City Baptist Missions was created for that purpose.

The goal of this missionary outreach is to help church planters start and firmly establish new fundamental Baptist churches in the inner city.  Also, the mission seeks to strengthen existing inner city churches.  Surveys of all the inner cities of America will determine the needs and opportunities open to those called to serve.  A board of reference of godly, concerned pastors will be available to provide recommendations regarding this ministry.  The Pastor and Board of Deacons of the Souls Harbor Baptist Church are the directors and officers of ICBM.

God used Pastor Hoover’s father, Dr. Herb Hoover to represent ICBM in churches across our nation, and to stir up a burden for the spiritually neglected inner-cities of America.  He faithfully served as the ICBM representative for seven years.

America’s cities are growing larger, and the need for Bible believing churches is greater than ever before.  Reaching America Baptist Partners was started by Pastor Paul D. Hoover in 2014.  The goal of RABP is to partner with churches in planting churches not only in America’s inner-cities, but also her greater metropolitan areas.